Customers receiving their masks will have seen the sticker offering a 10% discount code on their mask pouches, as a reward for sharing & tagging their mask selfies on Instagram.

I’m really keen to see more customers showing off their masks, especially as, due to the nature of masks & the Covid19 pandemic, I am not popping them on myself to get shots of them on a face or having models pose in stock intended for sale. So I’m looking for happy customer selfies which I will reward with a discount code. Below are the T&Cs.

Terms & conditions:

To qualify for the discount code

  1. The masks worn by customers tagging selfies #maskhaveaccessory of themselves, their family or friends on Instagram need to be Mask Have Accessory masks to qualify.
  2. @maskhaveaccessory must be tagged on the image & the post hashtaged #maskhaveaccessory.
  3. Sharing in IG stories does not qualify.
  4. Customers sharing selfies agree to having their selfies shared as re-posts to the @maskhaveaccessory Instagram feed, stories & other social media channels.
  5. If your photos show children under 18, it is understood that by tagging @maskhaveaccessory & hashtagging #maskhaveaccessory, you agree & give permission to Mask Have Accessory sharing your post on social media channels.
  6. To use the code, there is a minimum spend of £18.99 & a maximum spend of £200.
  7. The discount code must be used in conjunction with your chosen email address, which you will be asked for via DM, after you share a mask selfie.
  8. Your discount code will be sent via DM.
  9. The code will expire on 31/12/2020 & can be used once.

*This promotion & any unused codes expire on 1/1/2021

  1. The offer runs until the end of 2020.
  2. Mask Have Accessory reserves the right to cancel or end this promotion early.


If you are happy to send a selfie of a Mask Have Accessory mask wearer but do not want to be reposted or traced back to your account, for whatever reason, including because the image is of your child, you can still claim the 10% discount code, without tagging Mask Have Accessory from your account. Simply send selfie images direct to Mask Have Accessory, via DM, expressing your wish to claim your promotional discount code in exchange for your anonymous selfie, which you allow Mask Have Accessory to share on social media channels – requesting you & your account are not tagged.


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