I created my #maskhaveaccessory version of the #voguechallenge – an extension of the brilliant British Vogue covers that celebrated key workers recently & inspired the challenge.

People need to change their perceptions around mask wearing.

The more people that wear masks in public, the safer we all are.

Wearing a mask in public shows respect for the NHS & eachother.

We need to look at masks like you would your iPhone covers. You protect your phone because it’s valuable & you care about keeping it safe & we treat the covers as an extension of our personality, choosing covers that both protect & are stylish – changing them to suit our mood & even our outfit or where we’re going that day. That’s how we need to view masks; we wear them to help protect ourselves & others & if we embrace the style & fashion element, in the same way we do phone covers, masks can be a fashionable extension of our wardrobes.


And washable, reusable masks are the sustainable choice. They should be a staple in our handbags, along with hand sanitizer, reusable coffee cups, cloth shopping bags & water flasks. Wearing cloth masks shows you care about yourself, about others & about the environment x They can also be tres chic & worthy cover stars in this #newnormal


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