KIDS RANGE – I need measurements please.

To create a range that fit well I need measurements from different age children ranging ages 4-13.

Can you help me by providing 3 measurements & answering a couple of questions?

1) how old are they?

2) Boy or Girl?

3) are their heads similar size compared to their peers? Or are they more like a different age group? If so like what age?

4)In cms, what is the measurement from bridge of nose to the very tip of their nose?

5) In cms, what is the measurement from the tip of the nose to the bottom edge of their chin (edge of chin bone)?

*These two measurements ensure the darts are the right distance apart and that the mask doesn’t sit too high on the face.

6) In cms, what is the measurement from where they’re earlobe meets the skull, across the face going via the tip of their nose, to the same place on the other side?

*This measurement ensures the mask is the right width.

One I made for 6 year old.

Anyone who helps will either get a free sample to try on & keep or a 10% off code.

Please email the info to with the subject measurements.

Thank you 💋


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