Face Coverings: Covid19 UK Transport Update

On June 15th, face coverings will be required to use on UK public transport. Mask Have Accessory makes quality, two layer fabric masks from natural fibre fabrics (many cotton), which have tested well (according to credible data available online), as suitable for masks. As these sources advise, my masks have a pocket for a filter; the free hepa filter that comes with each mask, though not tested for use in masks, is 84% efficient at filtering 0.3 microns, in it’s own right. The filter, in combination with two layers of tightly woven fabric, I believe, offer a great solution to those looking for breathable & washable, non-medical face coverings that should (according to various online sources of data on testing – please see links below) offer a good degree of personal protection when worn correctly, together with good mask hygiene & social distancing. *To be clear: my masks are not tested, they are sold as non-medical and whilst made using the available data as a guide to creating a great performing product, you buy & wear my masks at your own risk. I strongly urge you to read the below articles, to understand what the best of non-medical masks can offer in terms of protecting you and others and satisfy yourself as to whether my designs will meet your requirements.

Please bare in mind, I make all of the masks myself (they are not drop shipped from a factory) and it is better to order masks as soon as possible, to avoid delays.

LINKS to sources which reference testing data:

This New York Times article is very helpful when choosing non medical PPE: https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-homemade-mask-material-DIY-face-mask-ppe.html


This article has a lot of information about tested materials: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/well/live/coronavirus-face-masks-guides-protection-personal-protective-equipment.html

*Please note, I have confirmed with Numatic that their filter bags do not contain fibre glass, they are spun from three layers of polypropylene & filter 0.3 microns with 84% efficiency on their own. You can see the email here: https://maskhaveaccessory.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/FILTERS.jpg

*Regarding N95 respirator masks: these have a valve which lets the user’s breath out filtered. These masks do not protect other people. These should not be worn as they do not stop the wearer spreading viruses.


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